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Yolo County, California

County Data
Population 198,889
MSW Generated 397 Metric Tons/Day
Price of Electricity $0.06 Dollars/kWh
Price of Natural Gas $4.79 Dollars per 1000 Cubic Feet

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Yolo County Central Landfill

Yolo County Central Landfill

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Davis Waste Removal Company

Davis Waste Removal Company

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Esparto Convenience Center Transfer Station

Esparto Convenience Center Transfer Station

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Featured Solution: Stopping Landfill Waste

Power homes and fuel cars with trash from landfills

FastOx® gasification is shaking up the waste industry by powering homes and fueling cars with trash. FastOx gasifiers break down trash into an energy-dense fuel without burning. This process can turn costly and hazardous waste disposal into an energy source and profit center for your community.

The Potential Impact of FastOx gasification in Yolo County, California



Gasification could convert 500 metric tons/day of municipal solid waste into 116,732,018 kWhe a year. That's enough electricity to power 10,678 homes for a year.

Potential Annual Revenue: $23,591,994



Gasification could generate 5,254,311 gallons of diesel fuel each year, which is enough to power approximately 7,698 light trucks.

Potential Annual Revenue: $31,701,048



Gasification could generate 9,816,447 kilograms of hydrogen each year. Used in fuel cells, this has the potential to power approximately 43,254 cars.

Potential Annual Revenue: $61,740,023



Gasification could generate 153,319 tonnes of liquid ammonia a year.

Potential Annual Revenue: $39,312,257



Gasification could support 36 families by providing new jobs.

Potential Jobs Created: 36


Metric Tons

Gasification could eliminate 253,992 metric tons of CO2 equivalent each year. That's like taking 53,472 cars off the road.

CO2e Eliminated: 253,992 Metric Tons