• Eliminate landfills and the environmental
    and personal health hazards they pose.

  • Create high-value fuels with an
    endlessly renewable resource.

  • Avoid the climate-impacting greenhouse gases
    emitted by landfills and fossil fuels.

  • Help to ease our dependence on foreign oil
    by producing clean fuels right here at home.

Eliminate landfills and the environmental
and personal health hazards they pose.

About FastOx Gasification

Fastox gasification is shaking up the waste industry. It powers homes and fuels cars. By rapidly injecting oxygen, Fastox gasifiers break down trash into an energy-dense fuel without burning.

Product Development Timeline

  1. Research & Development of FastOx gasification begins


    Sierra Energy begins development of FastOx gasifiers at Department of Defense funded, Renewable Energy Testing Center in Sacramento, CA.

  2. Sierra Energy Designs The FastOx Pathfinder

    January 2012

    Sierra Energy designs a turn-key, modular system surrounding the FastOx gasifier to meet the Department of Defense’s need for robust, turn-key waste conversion systems for use domestically and overseas at forward operating bases.

  3. Sierra Energy Receives $5 Million Grant From The California Energy Commission (CEC)

    Spring 2012

    California validates FastOx gasification with $5.0 MM to demonstrate the production of transportation fuels, in order to further California’s progress towards waste-to-fuels.

  4. Commissioning of a Commercial FastOx Gasifier Prototype

    Summer 2012

    Sierra Energy reveals an optimized gasifier design at the Renewable Energy Testing Center (RETC) in McClellan Park, California. The gasifier implements dual supersonic nozzles and commercial refractory for demonstration and feedstock testing.

  5. The Department of Defense (DoD) Awards Sierra Energy a $3 Million Grant

    November 2012

    DoD validates FastOx gasification through the Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP). Sierra Energy is awarded $3.0 MM to demonstrate its turn-key FastOx Pathfinder to provide secure, distributed electricity and low-carbon fuels across DoD facilities, including remote forward operating bases.

  6. The New York Times Features FastOx Gasification

    17 August 2013

    The New York Times features FastOx gasification and the Department of Defense’s $3MM investment in an article, “Trash to Gas Efficiently? An Army Test May Tell” Securing Sierra Energy’s first DoD customer captures the attention of several other military customers.

  7. ATSI Signs On To Assist Sierra Energy With Engineering the FastOx Pathfinder

    January 2014

    Sierra Energy engages blast furnace and renewable energy experts, ATSI, as the engineering firm for the FastOx Pathfinder.

  8. Sierra Energy Breaks Ground At Fort Hunter Liggett

    9 September 2015

    The DLA awards $100,000 grant to Sierra Energy. The grant will allow Sierra Energy to explore the production of hydrogen fuels from waste at Fort Hunter Liggett.

  9. The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Awards $100k for Hydrogen Production From Waste

    October 2015

    The DLA awards $100,000 grant to Sierra Energy. The grant will allow Sierra Energy to explore the production of hydrogen fuels from waste at Fort Hunter Liggett.

  10. Andy J. Egan Corp. Partners With Sierra Energy

    November 2015

    Sierra Energy selects Andy J. Egan as the engineering and procurement partner in delivering renewable energy solutions to the U.S. Army and California Energy Commission (CEC).

  11. Rockwell Automation Partners With Sierra Energy

    26 February 2016

    Sierra Energy selects Rockwell Automation as the strategic partner responsible for delivering the control scheme for the FastOx system at Fort Hunter Liggett.

  12. Fabrication Begins On The FastOx Gasifier

    4 March 2016

    Andy J. Egan Corp. begins assembling the steel shell of the FastOx gasifier.

  13. System Modules Production Begins

    21 March 2016

    Andy J. Egan Corp. begins the fabrication of the auxiliary system modules.

  14. First shipment of FastOx Pathfinder ships to Fort Hunter Liggett.

    8 December 2016

    The auxiliary system modules ship from Andy J. Egan Corp. to Monterey County, California.

  15. Expected Commissioning of Commercial System at Fort Hunter Liggett

    Spring 2017


Learn More About FastOx Gasification

See how FastOx gasification can recoup the energy trapped in waste.

Construction Underway of FastOx® Gasification Facility

Sierra Energy is building a waste gasification facility in partnership with the U.S. Army to help them meet their net-zero waste and net-zero energy installation goals.

Sierra Energy’s CEO presents at TEDx

Mike G. Hart shares how FastOx gasification can eliminate landfills and produce high-value renewable energy products, such as fuel, hydrogen, and electricity.

Sierra Energy Commercial Prototype

Sierra Energy's FastOx gasifier represents a new hybrid of waste gasification developed to directly address the limitations of conventional and plasma-arc systems.

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FastOx gasification would produce fuel on site, eliminating the need to truck in fuel, and reduce the need for trash-burning, which creates pollution and noxious odors.

— The New York Times

I have seen firsthand Sierra Energy’s gasification technology at the Renewable Energy Testing Center at McClellan Business Park, and it is a shining example of the clean technology that the Sacramento region is becoming well-known for.

— Congresswoman Matsui

This project is part of Fort Hunter Liggett’s ongoing efforts to meet Net Zero standards for both waste and energy. Disposing of the installation’s waste and using it to generate clean energy meets both those goals.

— Col. Donna Williams

Sierra Energy's Strategic Partners