Techpipe brings together advocates and builders to make positive change for our planet.

About the site.

Techpipe brings together advocates and builders to make positive change for our planet. Environmental issues can spring up in any community, and there are technology solutions out there. Help us identify environmental issues, and we’ll help to find the right technology for the people and the planet in your community.

The issues.

While there are lots of pressing environmental issues out there, landfills are some of the easiest to identify. With a database of every landfill in the U.S., Techpipe wants to give everyone an opportunity to educate themselves about the facilities close to home. While landfills with proper construction and maintenance are not inherently dangerous, there are better ways to eliminate trash and the environmental hazards that come with it.

The solutions.

Even after all of our efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle, humans still create waste. Until we eliminate all waste production, we need real solutions to handle the trash that we have. Luckily, waste disposal technology has come a long way—we just need to catch up!
Modern landfills are okay, but what if we could do something even better with our trash? Our partners at Sierra Energy believe that FastOx gasification can go where recycling and composting cannot, allowing us to finally achieve net-zero waste.

The future.

Of course, landfills aren’t the only environmental issue out there. And there are plenty of environmental issues that FastOx gasification cannot solve. For the rest, we need your help.
Help us to build our database by adding environmental issues where you live. Sludge ponds, agricultural waste, poor water quality, you tell us what affects you most. Our platform can provide your community with the tools you need to get your message out there. In the meantime, we’ll get right to work finding the latest technology to address your community’s needs.

Do you own a “green” technology?

If you own a technology that solves environmental problems, and you’d like to list it on this platform, please contact us. Our community of environmental advocates can help you to identify key places where your technology is most needed. By validating regional demand for your solution, you might be able to avoid a host of challenges that prevent technologies from building commercial-scale facilities.
We want every technology that can help slow climate change to be successful!

Are you looking for investment opportunities that will make a difference?

Use your connections and your entrepreneurial spirit to help solve one of the biggest global crises we face. By licensing a technology to build or improve facilities to abate environmental issues, you can create multiple revenue streams while making positive impact for your community and our world.
Contact us to learn more about available licensing opportunities.